The core of Department of Cognitive Sciences at Hanyang is to study artificial intelligence in relation to human cognition rather than from a purely engineering perspective. Along with Department of Data Sciences this program prepares you not just to contribute to the development of technological applications, but also to reflect on your implementation from the cognitive, neuroscientific, and moral perspectives.

Hanyang’s Cognitive Science programme and Artificial Intelligence from School of Intelligence you will learn about artificial intelligence (the study of computers and software that can perform intelligent behavior) combined with the science of human cognition: the study of thinking, language, learning, and mental representations in relation to other psychological processes which involve attention, knowledge representation, memory, use of language, and decision-making.

Experts in the domains of artificial intelligence, cognitive science and data science will teach you the necessary technical skills to create and test models of intelligent behavior. If you have ‘Yes’ at any of the following questions

  • are good at logical reasoning, analyzing and have a creative mindset
  • are you curious about how computers and robots show intelligent behavior
  • are interested in being collaborated with human, intelligence agents, and other robots
  • are enthusiastic at how technological innovations can be artistic and beneficial to society

Cognitive Science has broad horizons, which covers different characteristics of cognition (human reasoning, emotions, language, perception, attention, and memory.) However, artificial intelligence (AI) is to explore the design of computers and software that would capable of intelligent behavior. The integration of cognitive science and AI offers with a deep understanding of human cognition and communication. Within the domain of AI we focus mainly on the domains of computational cognition, hybrid intelligence and human-AI interfacing. The core principle of the program is learn by doing: part of the lectures take place in the lab facilities of Imagine x Lab, an interdisciplinary lab for research related to: serious games, natural language and data technologies, and virtual and mixed reality.